Welcome to Sanctuary!!

Congratulations! You have taken the first steps to a new you. You are in pain, emotionally and perhaps physically!  You are suffering terribly. I understand totally.  I can bet that you are one of the sensitive and beautiful souls in this world. You have read many books, pondered life, participated in traditional therapy or perhaps taken medication. The feeling of knowing you should be doing more and you just cannot move forward is extremely frustrating and debilitating.


The gift is awareness. Aware of how you react upon encountering life’s many surprises. How you react, proactive or reactive, will always set the tone for where your life is today. Abolishing those limiting beliefs will also give you the push you need.  With this gift, you will be successful in different areas of your life.  You will also be experience more positive emotions, energy and  thoughts then negative in any given day.


My sessions are for everyone from those who need immediate answers, or perhaps a little assistance getting out of a rut, maybe you need to refresh your business attitude and bring  more joy into your life.  Brainstorming for business willl give you push in the right direction.  I specialize also in adult children of parents who were suffering from alcoholism, mental illness, chronic illness or even the trauma of losing a parent.


The only thing I ask is that you are 100 percent committed to the change. If you are, I can guarantee it will happen.


Welcome to a new beginning!


With love and gratitude Jo